Make H1 Link to Post on Entries Page

I've seen on other templates that you can make the title/h1 act as a URL to the entry. On my template, it's the date that acts as the permalink. I'd like for the h1 to also be a link on the entry's page, but can't figure out how to change that anywhere in the template, since both entries.html and entry.html just load the html content directly with the {{{html}}} variable. Am I missing something?

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I figured out a solution. In entries.html, I commented out the {{{html}}} variable and then added an h1 populated by the {{{url}}}, {{{title}}} variables, and then {{{body}}}.

For the curious, here's my whole entries.html:

   <!DOCTYPE html>
  {{> head}}
    {{> header}}
    <div class="container">
      <div class="main">
        <div class="entry">
          <!-- <a class="small date left margin" href="{{url}}">{{date}} ⌘</a> -->
          <p class="small date left margin">{{date}}</p>
          <!-- {{{html}}} -->

          <h1><a class="entries" href="{{{url}}}">{{{title}}}</a></h1>

          <a class="small tag" href="/tagged/{{slug}}">{{name}}</a>
          <div class="clear"></div>
        <hr class="red" />
        <div class="pagination">
            <a href="/page/{{next}}">❮ Older</a>
            <a href="/page/{{previous}}">Newer ❯</a>
        {{> footer}}
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