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I have encountered an error message when editing my template from the dashboard: Error: No template. Maybe it's because the [template name] does not correspond with the url :[username]/template/edit/[url_template_name]/settings

The error message is: Error: No template: blog_8b57c40dac8e47faad2563d4a69ff6c5:url_template_name.

Also, I found out that editing the template name doesn't really change the url of the template, this might also be the reason why the error message pops up.

My problem is if there is a way to directly delete the template from the dashboard (you've got edit, fork, use and preview), or if there is a way for me to access to the template. Now I could do nothing about this template(besides fork this template, which will fork another template that I don't have access to......), it just stays there in the template list, which is quite annoying.

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Please can you email us a link to your site? I'll investigate

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