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Images in subfolder?

How can I put images in subfolders and reference them via


I tried exactly this, but the images are not found like this.

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Make sure your image path resolves correctly. If you want to use a relative path, make sure you are referring to the image from the location of the text file of your post.

It might be easier to use an absolute path, e.g.


The easiest way is to place the image, e.g. _photo.jpg inside the same subfolder as the text or markdown file, and then this relative path will resolve correctly:


I recognise this might all be complicated but Blot follows general computing standards for relative and absolute paths and knowledge gained here will apply elsewhere

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Thanks, I tried again - and now it works with relative image paths! (Maybe I just didn't wait long enough until everything was synced via Dropbox. - Sorry!)

BTW, I want to put images in a subfolder, because when I have more posts the images will cluttered the Posts directory quite a bit.

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