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Dates in post title result in a parsed publish date

Is it intentional that when a date is included in a title (without any other date metadata) that the post adopts that as the publish date? I noticed that when I put today's date in my h1 heading such as # Author Test Post 2022-10-11 it shows as published at 12:00am of that date. As opposed to # Another Test Post getting published at the correct date and time when it was synced to the dropbox folder. You can see an example here from my RSS client.

If that is the intended behavior, is there a way to change it? I put dates in my titles sometimes, but would prefer for them to publish normally and not have to worry about them getting out of order on my site.

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This sounds like a bug but I could not reproduce it. The following post did not have an unexpected date:

# Author Test Post 2022-10-11 


Can you send me an example post that I can use to reproduce the problem?

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Yep, here's an example:

Here's the raw text:

# Author Test Post 2022-10-11

This post was published on 2022-10-14 at 10:41pm.
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If you try creating a new post with those contents, does the date bug reappear? I can't reproduce this unfortunately

My suspicion is there's a date parsing bug, which was triggered by a previous version of that post, but is not triggered by its current contents

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Unfortunately yes. Here's a new post I made this evening.

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