Image posts won't delete

I've removed two images from my Google Drive folder but they still appear on my site: Any help?

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I had this problem too, and put it down to a janky Google Drive sync service. Since I moved to DropBox, I've had no problems at all.

Is it ideal? No. I'd rather use iCloud. But at least everything now syncs reliably.

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Unfortunately the Google Drive sync is not great right now. I fixed a number of issues with the Dropbox client recently, and it is now quite stable.

I now plan to improve the reliability of the Google Drive client soon. Sorry about this – I'll follow up over email about the specifics of your site.

An iCloud client for Blot is on the horizon, as well, for what it's worth!

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I was able to fix this eventually by deleting some folders and files from my Google Drive and re-uploading, but it's rather unpredictable and I don't really know why it worked this time as opposed to others. Thanks for letting me know anyway; I would definitely prefer to continue using Drive as opposed to Dropbox or Git.

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