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Phantom image blog post.

First of all, thanks so much for this wonderful tool, and your attentive service. I'm actually enjoying creating a site again.

Second, on this page I have a phantom image blog post.

I've deleted all instances of the image from my file structure, but the image nonetheless persists.

Can you please help learn how to remove it?

Cheers, Drew

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Hi Drew, it looks to be fine now. It's possible it was cached?

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It only got fixed because I reset the whole infrastructure and started again :)

I still have the same problem with an empty Google Drive folder, but a blog full of phantom posts at

Answered a year ago · Improve this answer

If you have sync issues, please contact us with a link to your site – it's possible you've done so already, if so, I'll get to your email shortly!

Answered a year ago · Improve this answer

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