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About ads.txt

I have set up the google adsense to my site created by blot.im. And google said “ put the ads.txt on root directory. So I did it. And ads.txt was published as post. I want to avoid that ads.txt is published… Are there any ways to avoid that?

Thanks in advance.

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Rather than using a file in your blog folder, I would instead create a new template view called ads.txt and place the contents of the file required inside it. That way, it will be accessible at /ads.txt on your site, and will not show up as a post.

Does that work? Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else.

Answered Sep 12 '22 at 8:50 · Improve this answer

Thanks! It works perfectly. Really love this blot system.

Answered Sep 12 '22 at 11:38 · Improve this answer

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