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I am trying to embed an image and I have tried linking to the image in the folder on google drive which I have named "_sociallinks" but cannot work out the correct path to link to the image. I just get a question mark icon on the page.

Any idea what path I should use?

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  1. You might need to specify the filename extension (e.g. "_sociallinks.jpeg")
  2. Do you keep your images in the top-level folder, or in a subfolder? I keep mine in a subfolder named Images and so this would be how it works for me: src="../Images/_sociallinks.jpeg"
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If you're willing to either post a link to a post with a broken image, or send a link to us over email, we'll be happy to work out the specifics of the issue and help you resolve it

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I'm having the same issue!

Here's the link to the page:


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It looks like the image path was missing the underscore at the start of the image's name. e.g.


Instead of this, which doesn't match an image inside your folder:


You can always find the correct path if you click through to the file on Blot's dashboard.

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