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Is it possible to embed images via ![[wikilinks]]?

Hello, I couldn't find anything in my short trips through documentation and questions that mentioned embedding images with wikilinks. I've been experimenting a little in case it does exist, but I figure I should ask here: is this possible or at least a potential future feature? It would be a huge plus with the synergy between Blot and Obsidian.

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This isn't possible but I will make it so.

Does that happen to be a way to embed an image in an Obsidian document?

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Excellent!! And yep, when using wikilinks in the Obsidian.md application, adding an exclamation point to the beginning of a wikilink, like ![[image]], will embed the image.

In fact, this format allows the embed of other pages and any other supported files. They explain it very well here: https://help.obsidian.md/How+to/Embed+files

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I use Obsidian exclusively to blog with Blot and found a workaround for this by using the Wikilinks to MDLinks plugin in Obsidian.

To make it easy I call it via hotkey on a standard Obsidian image link and it converts it to Wiki format on the fly and the images show up fine in Blot.


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Maybe we ought to create an Obsidian-Blot SIG? I love the combination. Just a +1 for this feature request. Cheers!

  • Jack
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What is a SIG?

I'm happy to amend the Wikilinks feature to support this embedding, I'll follow up here and in the newsletter when it's ready. Please contact us for your own personal notification when it deploys too.

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Terrific! And a SIG is just an old school term for Special (or Subject) Interest Group. I confess I didn’t see the term very much anymore.

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Ah, interesting! I have not come across that acronym before, but I like it.

I'm going to add tagging to the questions section soon, so perhaps discussion could occur under a future 'obsidian' tag?

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Well, you know you have my upvote on this feature.


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