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Filter posts out of RSS feed based on tag?

Is there a way to not include posts with a set tag in the RSS feed?

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I do this on my RSS feed, it works the same way in any other template.

I wrap the portion in the feed with the excluded tag, i.e. apples:

    <title><![CDATA[ {{{title}}} ]]></title>
    {{! RSS feeds need a RFC 822 date}}
    <pubDate>{{#formatDate}}ddd, DD MMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ{{/formatDate}}</pubDate>
    <description><![CDATA[ {{#absoluteURLs}} {{{body}}} {{/absoluteURLs}} ]]></description>


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Would it be possible to use a version of this technique to output a feed for just one tag?

Answered Sep 21 '22 at 17:09 · Improve this answer

Yes! To convert a feed which ignores posts tagged apples, to a feed which only shows posts tagged apples, use the example above but replace this:


With this:


There's more about sections and inverted sections in the docs.

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Thanks – much appreciated. Let the tinkering commence.

Answered Sep 22 '22 at 15:24 · Improve this answer

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