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Setting up GitHub with Blot and Obsidian

Hello all. I’m a new Blot user and I really enjoy its simplicity. However, I’ve never had to use GitHub before and have found myself stuck.

I have Obsidian syncing with GitHub without issue. However, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get Blot to also sync with my current setup on GitHub.

Is there anyone who can assist or point me in the right direction of a tutorial? I don’t mind learning, I just don’t know where to go to start doing so.

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Hello! There is a guide to mirroring a git repo on both Blot and GitHub:


Please note that Blot does not communicate with GitHub directly, Blot hosts git repositories, just like GitHub.

Answered May 31 '22 at 10:39 · Improve this answer

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