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Group by folder

I am working on a photography based theme but I am struggling with grouping each project based on the dropbox folder they are in. I saw that the "Portfolio" theme is also ignoring the folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies Asked May 20 '22 at 17:19 · Improve this question

There isn't an easy way to turn on 'group by folder' at the moment. I would recommend using tags, specifically tag folders for now. I do plan to eventually support organising the output of your site by folder but it will need to be built

Answered May 24 '22 at 8:09 · Improve this answer

I found a workaround but using _image.png and embed them in the post.txt. It takes some time but it does the job.

Answered May 28 '22 at 14:00 · Improve this answer

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