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Is Blot abandoned?

It's been over a week since I posted questions and emailed support for migrating my blog from Wordpress.

I have since begun migrating it over manually but this lack of presence of support for this long has me concerned I may have made the wrong move coming here.

Can someone please answer and at least let us know you are alive & well and still supporting this product?

6 replies Asked May 11 '22 at 18:10 · Improve this question

Second this!

Answered May 12 '22 at 21:32 · Improve this answer

I find this to be worrisome for sure. What would it take for him to post a status and let his customers know what's up with the service?

Answered May 14 '22 at 13:15 · Improve this answer

Just so you know, David replied to all my emails today so it was a relief knowing he’s still around. I’m sure he will get caught up here as well soon.

Thank you, David! Ray

Answered May 16 '22 at 18:56 · Improve this answer

Yep, got a reply too. He's ALIVE! I wrote this a few days ago: http://numericcitizen.me/2022/05/15/what-if-blotim-is-dead/

Answered May 17 '22 at 10:44 · Improve this answer

Blot is not abandoned, I was taking some time off. I will get to your emails soon – sorry for the silence

Answered May 19 '22 at 17:56 · Improve this answer

Blot forever!

Answered May 20 '22 at 14:01 · Improve this answer

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