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"Failed to acquire folder lock"

I was creating a series of pages a few days ago—the first 10 worked perfectly, then things stopped updating from my dropbox sync. It looks like Dropbox is functioning fine, and I haven't changed any of my process for adding to blot, so I'm not sure what I broke!

When I try to reset/fix my folder on https://blot.im/settings/client/fix, I get an orange error message that says "Failed to acquire folder lock." Any advice?

7 replies Asked Apr 22 '22 at 9:33 · Improve this question

I'm getting the same error message when I try to disconnect from Dropbox too.

Answered Apr 22 '22 at 9:35 · Improve this answer

I'm also getting the same message, and my Dropbox files haven't synced since yesterday.

Answered Apr 27 '22 at 17:33 · Improve this answer

Same here, and it's not possible to change back-ends to git or Google Drive when the Dropbox connection is in this state.

Answered Apr 27 '22 at 17:57 · Improve this answer

Same here, and I can't even delete the blog and start again.

Answered May 10 '22 at 14:25 · Improve this answer

I have been having this issue for almost 24 hours now.

Answered May 15 '22 at 15:49 · Improve this answer

Sorry about this, I’m working on a fix for the bug and will respond both here and to those of you who have emailed when it’s sorted. Please feel free to contact us as well for an update

Answered May 19 '22 at 18:06 · Improve this answer

Same here

Answered May 28 '22 at 14:21 · Improve this answer

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