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Adding bigfoot.js to custom template

I am using a custom template and would like to add the bigfoot.js plug in. I saw that the magazine template includes it but cannot figure out how to install it from scratch.

4 replies Asked Apr 19 '22 at 3:40 · Improve this question

You'll want to add the HTML necessary to embed bigfoot's CSS and JS files to your template's head.html and footer.html files respectively. Does that help point you in the right direction? Please let me know if you have any further questions about this or anything else

Answered May 19 '22 at 18:23 · Improve this answer

Thanks. I get the bigfoot icon and pop-up, but nothing populates the pop-up. Any ideas?

Answered Sep 12 '22 at 3:52 · Improve this answer

Can you send us a link to your site? We'll look into the specifics of your implementation

Answered Sep 12 '22 at 8:50 · Improve this answer

Thanks, but I think I'm going to just use the newest iteration of the Blog template. It handles footnotes so elegantly!

Answered Sep 13 '22 at 23:01 · Improve this answer

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