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Creating a website with a static landing page

I'm in the process of redesigning my website. The idea is to create a static portfolio as a landing page, which has a link to take the user to the blog.

When I try to change the entries.html URL in the package.json file to point to another URL (E.G: /articles) the page does not load any entries. I tried to use the ?debug=true option and discovered that entries don't get added in the returned json object.

I could use the all_entries tag, but then I will lose the pagination.

Another thing I tried is to create a new view and calling entries from there, but that didn't work either.

Any thoughts?

4 replies Asked Apr 2 '22 at 0:37 · Improve this question

https://blot.im/questions/283 might be what you're looking for!

Answered Apr 9 '22 at 18:55 · Improve this answer

Thanks. but is there any way to change the url from /page/1 to /blog?

Answered Apr 9 '22 at 19:47 · Improve this answer

It's not possible to use the paginated list of {{#entries}}..{{/entries}} anywhere but the index page / and /page/... at the moment. If you'd like to be notified when it is, please contact us

Answered May 20 '22 at 16:24 · Improve this answer

You could always add a redirect to point /blog to /page/1, then the cleaner URL would work for you.

Answered May 21 '22 at 19:09 · Improve this answer

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