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A post that won't go away

I added a post and then deleted it, yet it still shows on my blog. I've cleared cache and tried other browsers. The post .md file is gone from the Dropbox folder, and gone from the web view of my blog folders, yet still it remains. Actually, two copies of it appear on the blog. Ideas?

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Please can you email us a link to your blog – we will investigate.

Answered Mar 7 '22 at 14:12 · Improve this answer

I was searching the forum for a similar problem. I have images showing up as posts. I moved the images in a folder starting with an underscore but they keep showing up as posts. For example: https://samlevan.com/iphone-homescreen-1

Similarly, I tried to delete and re-create a post that was not being refreshed. It now shows as 2 separate posts (first one is https://samlevan.com/remove-the-clutter-and-distractions-with-a-minimalist-iphone and second one is https://samlevan.com/remove-the-clutter-and-distractions-with-a-minimalist-iphone-2). The second post is the new version but the first post is not being deleted.

I also tried to clear cache, use a different browser, etc. I am using Dropbox for the sync as well.

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There are issues with the Dropbox sync logic that I'm trying to resolve right now – I just reset your blog Sam, which should have resolved the issue at least for now – sorry about this

Answered Mar 8 '22 at 9:15 · Improve this answer

Thanks David for the super fast help. Confirming it is now good on my end. Let us know if we can help further on the Dropbox sync 👍

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Hi, I have a similar problem with a post that doesn't go away. I've tried to solve it myself but the problem is still there. I've also emailed but have yet to hear back. Can anyone help me?

Answered Apr 17 '22 at 14:18 · Improve this answer

Sorry for the delay in responding to the issue over email – I should have sorted all your inquiries by now but please don't hesitate to contact us again if something is out of sync.

Answered May 20 '22 at 16:22 · Improve this answer

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