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Is there a directory of user-templates?

Hello, I was wondering, now that there is a super easy way to share templates, do you any place where Blot users might preferably want to share/try external templates? Maybe a GitHub group or something like that? Tags work, but there is not an “official” GitHub repository tag to find them all in the same place.

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There isn't an official place to share Blot templates, although there are one or two on GitHub if you search for 'Blot'. Perhaps we could use this question as a place for people to post theirs?

You can generate a sharing URL on Blot's web template editor, in the sidebar under 'Share template'.

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Thanks, indeed that could be useful, at least to showcase all the things that are possible with Blot. I've just shared my template recently, and I was curious to see others: for inspiration and a sense of community I guess. I found one other template on the GitHub tag “blot-theme” and it looks really good. Here's my very minimal template:

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FYI, I just updated the template for an extra minimal look, resulting in a very lightweight, barebone website. You can add this template to your list of templates using this link: Blot Template direct link


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