Do standard Markdown footnotes formatting only render as in-line footnotes?

I have only been able to generate in-line footnotes rather than footnotes that appear at the bottom of the page using the "[^1]" and "[^1]: footnote next" format. I also played around with various versions of this, but couldn't get it to work.

Just as an aside, I am new to Blot and absolutely love it. I really appreciate having this platform. Thank you!

My test site is available at, though it's still a bit of a mess right now as I get things set up.

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This is almost certainly because of the template you're using: the Magazine template comes with Bigfoot which turns footnotes into the inline-clickable bubble. You can remove this from your template if you remove the js-bigfoot.js file from the list of template views.

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FANTASTIC. Thank you so much.

Again, this is an amazing blogging tool and I appreciate your work on this.

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