How to improve the Lighthouse Accessibility score?

Hi, my Lighthouse accessibility score mentions a problem with the Role and ARIA attributes of the Footnotes class, and I don't know where to begin solving this. Any idea on how to quickly correct this on my side?

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I don't believe you can fix this issue on your side – this is something we will fix on the server. I will post a follow-up when the issue is resolved please send us a message if you would like an email notification).

For a little more background information that might help you understand what we need to fix: this is likely happening because of how the markdown converter (pandoc) turns footnotes into HTML. I see a possible related issue on GitHub but I haven't looked into this deeply yet.

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Yes indeed, I think this is related: The ARIA element would need to reference the ID of each footnote (or a list of), but each footnote has a different and unique ID. Thanks!

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Hello, any progress on this front by any chance? Apparently some updates were made on Pandoc to solve a few similar issues. Thanks for looking into this!

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