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Citation Questions

As long as my posts were in the root directory of my site along with the .bib file used, all was well. After moving them into /Posts, the Bibliography: metadata unchanged, the two do not seem to be assoicated anymore.

It works well on the individual entry page, but no longer on the index page. Which I don’t mind as much, but it’s still strange.

Additionally, do you have a documentation somewhere, which CSL are installed and which value to set with the metadata field to get, say, AMA style?

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Is the path to your .bib file in your post’s metadata relative or absolute? For example, this:

Bibliography: /bib.bib

Will only work if the bib file is in the root directory of your site. If the path you’re using looks correct then it’s possible you’ve found a bug — please send us an email linking to the broken post and we’ll work it out.

There’s a brief section on citation styles here:


You can find an appropriate .csl file in this repository:


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