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Importing posts from Micro.blog?

Hi. I am on microblog and am interested in finding the easiest way to export my posts and images. Micro.blog offers a markdown export but they also offer a few others like Wordpress WXR. I anticipate the easiest would be the markdown export and then edit the posts especially with images. Has anyone exported microblog posts into blot? Thanks!

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I think I solved this. I downloaded the markdown archive from microblog. I get everything including images. I think I’m good with how I will just copy the markdown files to my dropbox folder.

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Hello, that should work — please let me know if you run into any issues with the import, I’d be happy to take a look

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Hi. Thanks! I do have a question. On micro.blog all the images are uploaded to my microblog site and the markdown posts are hard linked to each image or photo. I can upload the markdown files but the image files are still stored on microblog and there are hundreds of posts. I’m not sure of the best way to deal with this. I would prefer to have everything in some directory on dropbox and not referring to an img src on microblog. I’m not sure how to fix the image locations. Do you think you could take a look at the microblog site and let me know of a way forward? The site is at mpmilestogo.micro.blog. I can download the entire markdown archive from micro.blog which comes in at over 1gb in size. That does not seem like the best way to go to be able to have all my posts from micro.blog on blot. I can redo the site easily on blot and remove the folder with 2021 posts which are all that are on micro.blog now. Thanks for any suggestions or if you could take a look at the site and let me know a way to do this.

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Hello, can you send me the full export from Micro.blog over email and I’ll take a look and work out if I need to write an importer for Micro.blog.

Answered Oct 21 '21 at 17:27 · Improve this answer

I’d second this ask. I’m ready to migrate from Micro.blog to blot.

Answered Nov 2 '21 at 17:08 · Improve this answer

I just added a script to import posts from Micro.blog’s export. If you send your export to our support we’d be happy to run the script for you.

The script will fetch all the images from Micro.blog and store them directly in the folder, next to each post for you.

Answered Nov 4 '21 at 15:40 · Improve this answer

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