Can I add this Hypothesis JS embed?

Dear friends who know more about JavaScript than me, do you think I can do this on my Blot site without a) breaking things; b) taxing Blot in some burdensome way?

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Yes, it works nicely. I don't think it taxes Blot as it's merely calling a script hosted elsewhere.

I used the following code to change the colours and fonts of the hypothesis sidebar to match my theme.

window.hypothesisConfig = function () {
  return {
    branding: {
      appBackgroundColor: '#FEFFFB',
      ctaBackgroundColor: '#3822BB',
      ctaTextColor: '#eee',
      selectionFontFamily: 'helvetica, arial, sans serif'
<script async src=""></script>

PS. I decided against having this on my blog because I prefer Memex Go

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It definitely won't tax Blot! Glad you got it working

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