Remove the underline from the links in the Diary template?

I've put text-decoration: none in most places where the anchor "a" is defined in the style.css file of the Diary template; but it still won't go away. What should I change to make a global change such that none of the hyperlinks are underlined?

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I just wrote "a{text-decoration:none;} once in mine, and it's working for all links. I've also added ".entry-title{text-decoration:none;}" and I can't spot an underlined link.

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Firstly: sorry, this must have been a frustrating process. In order to improve the appearance of underlines, I used a background-image and text-shadow hack to underline links on that template. You can see the CSS which achieves this in style.css.

To remove the underlines, you want to remove most of what's between lines 158 and 187 of style.css.

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