What's your folder structure?

How do you personally handle Drafts, Images, Files, etc., in terms of workflow?

I'm thinking of the following:

  • /Drafts (initiate all writing here prior to sliding into /Posts or /Pages for publication)
  • /Files (other than images)
  • /Images (all images and graphics)
  • /Pages
  • /Posts
  • /Templates

Do you personally underscore Folders or individual files?

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My preferred folder structure looks something like this:

My blog
├─ 2021
│  ├─ 02-06 Pears
│  │  ├─ post.txt
│  │  ├─ _image.jpg
│  ├─ 03-08 Apples
│  │  ├─ post.txt
│  │  ├─ _image.jpg
│  ├─ 04-21 Bananas
│  │  ├─ post.txt
│  │  ├─ _image.jpg
├─ 2020
├─ 2019
├─ Drafts

The benefits of this structure are:

  • Each post is in its self-contained folder (all images in it are adjacent to the source file) instead of one messy global folder of images. This means I can embed the image in all the post.txt files using the following Markdown with a relative path: ![Caption](_image.jpg)
  • Each post is automatically correctly dated based on its path (e.g. 2021/02-06 Pears/post.txt)

I don't like editing templates locally so I don't have a Templates folder. As for drafts: I don't use them myself anymore – I'm happy to just edit my site live. If I was working on a site on which this wasn't possible then I would stick the post subfolder inside the Drafts folder, and move it outside when ready to publish (the relative paths will mean that any images won't break!).

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Is there a way to generate this structure automatically using Obsidian?

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I'm not sure! It might be worth making a post in Obsidian's forum

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When I embed the images in my post, it works! (I put the images in a self-contained folder with the post)

But, now the images are also individual posts on my Blot. :(

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To prevent images becoming their own post, you should start their file names with an underscore. This works for any file that Blot would ordinarily turn into a post. It also works for entire folders whose name starts with an underscore.

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I originally added images without an underscore and it created individual posts for them. I then added the underscore and moved them to the same folder as the post but there are still entries for the old image posts on the home page and archives. Using mono template but also tried with the default blog template.

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