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Log File Analytics

I would like to use Analytics to see how many people read my blog. (Probably only my mum :))

But I do not want to give google my log files 'for free'. I would rather just analyze the log files on my own with a service like goaccess.io.

is there a way to access the Log files?

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I like the idea of exposing the access log for each blog. I also like the idea of eventually providing some kind of basic server-side analytics, on top of this access log. Blot already uses this access log to generate the 404 log for your site, so I don't see any reason not to give you access to the whole thing.

Please note that:

  • Blot wipes the access log for your blog on a rolling 7-day basis.
  • Blot does not store the IP addresses of your visitors. You can see which information Blot logs for each request on your site in the source code.

Please contact support if you would like an email when either the access log for your site is available, or we release an analytics server.

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