Inline LaTeX equations

It is straightforward to display a Latex equation on a single line with:

$$(some equation)$$

This will create a new line with a displayed equation. But how do I display a Latex equation within a sentence (without displaying the equation on a single line of its own). It is usually done with $(some equation)$ or \( (some equation ) \) or some variant of it, but this does not seem to work with Without a mechanism for displaying maths equations "inline", it is basically impossible to discuss any type of mathematics!


Huge thanks if there is a way to do this!

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This should work:

Your line containing $$\TeX$$ goes here.

And something on its own line:

f(x)=2x + y

If not, please send us a link to a page on your site containing the line above and we'll debug from there

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This is not working at:

the last line of the post.


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I just updated my previous answer with the syntax that works – please try with that one

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