How to "hard code" the JSON variables into a script tag when I need them in the JavaScript of a page

Following up on this question I would like to find out more in detail how to "hard code the JSON variables into a script tag" when I need to work with them in JavaScript.

For example the tags variable in the page's JSON structure, how can I access this in JavaScript? Do I read it out of the DOM , say, in the load event? Sorry, but I am a bit confused here.

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Something like this:

var author = "{{}}";
alert('Author is' + author);

Does that make sense? You can even iterate over lists to generate arrays:

var tags = [ {{#tags}} { tag: "{{tag}}" }, {{/tags}} ];
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Thanks, David. Much appreciate your reply.

I can see this is essentially defining new variables in JS, not accessing the underlying JSON data, right?

Does this mean there is no way to _modify_the JSON data?

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