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Local Template Not Syncing

Is there something going on with local templating syncing? I made a change to a class in both style.css and archivesContent.html to better describe how it's being used. It looks like Dropbox has synced the changes, but the change is not being respected on my live site.

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This often happens when there's a syntax issue with the locally-edited template. Blot will not apply any changes if it encounters an error with the template source code. It fails silently, which is not good user-experience for the template developer – I will fix this soon and surface error messages.

The trick to workaround this is to first back up a copy of the folder containing your template, then disable local editing, then remove the local template folder from your blog folder, then re-enable local editing, then re-apply your changes one by one

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That makes sense. But luckily the issue was easier in this case. At some point, the archivesContent.html file lost its capital "C". So it was trying to reference the wrong file. When changed it to lower case to match, everything was working again. 👍

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Great, glad it's sorted!

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