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A file in the Pages folder makes a link. Can there be multiple posts in that "link"?

The result would be links to folders that contain tagged posts (or files put in that folder automatically tagged.) It looks like the Archive folder has been modified here to begin what I'm after.

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I’m not sure I completely understand what you want to create, but you can create a page which links to other hidden pages. You can make a page that is not added to your menu using this metadata:

Menu: no
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Sorry, not clear, but first, I see on the Dashboard where links can be added and reordered, but how to remove them?

What I hope to have is a nav bar on the left with categories and thumbnails in the main window that open to the full post. So let's say that in addition to the Home, Archives, and Search default links, I had additional category links Cheese, Bread, and Wine. Selecting the Cheese link would present thumbnails of posts on Cheddar, Havarti, Mozzarella, Parmessan, Bleu, Manchego, etc. and selecting one of these would lead to the full post. I am imagining folders on my drive with titles Cheese, Bread, Wine, with each containing the posts to that category. Maybe there is a way to achieve the outcome on Blot through different means?

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