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Development environment

A simple guide to setting up a simplified version of Blot on your own machine.

You don’t need to do this to develop your own template — most people don’t. However, running the server locally will mean you can work on your template with less latency than using the template editor.

System requirements

Tools required

1. Node

Use nvm to install node v12.16.3 and npm 6.14.4. You can verify that you have installed and selected the correct verion:

$ node -v
$ npm -v

2. Redis

Launch a local redis server:

$ redis-server

You can verify the redis server is running:

$ redis-cli ping

3. Get the source code

Use git to clone a copy of Blot’s source code to your machine.

$ git clone https://github.com/davidmerfield/Blot

4. Install Blot’s dependencies

$ npm ci

5. Run the server

$ npm run local

You should then see your blog here:


and the dashboard to configure the settings for that blog here: