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The Photo template features a feed of recently published images on its index page.

The purpose of the Photo template is to display photos. Its navigation should get out of the way when you are looking at photos. It should offer a way to browse photos at different sizes. The homepage shows a feed a of recently published photos. The archives give an overview of all the photos published on this site.

Georgia Kareola’s website is the source of the layout for this template. I like the menu’s grid and the typography of the subpages in particular.

Gavin Atkinson’s compilation of image user interfaces was a useful source of interesting techniques to navigate and index images.

Hofstede’s archives page has a really pleasing hover effect, with the thumbnail for the hovered link displayed to the left.

The good work of the people at Are.na and Cargo Collective is a constant source of motivation.

I tried to keep things as quiet as possible. When designing a theme, it’s easy to get lost in the ornamentation of the theme’s chrome, its menu bar, its search field. I tried to focus on the details. Here are a few things which I have done to this template which might not meet the eye:

Technical details

View the source code for the Photo template.