Blot has been running for a while now and there are plenty of posts and articles published that I don’t like. But I will not remove them. I recognise that there is a cost to this policy, that there is real harm as a result. However, on balance, I believe the harm is preferable than the harm of a censorship regime needed to prevent it.

At some point in future, I suspect Blot will be blocked in one authoritarian country or another. Perhaps some bureacrat will ask me to block or remove some content from the site. Plenty of tech companies with idealistic mission statements seem to get hung up on this sort of thing – I think it’s understandable, when you have employees whose livelihoods depend on the next quarter’s growth. But I don’t plan on ever making money in those sorts of places, so it won’t matter much to me if they choose to seal themselves off from Blot.

This is one reason why I avoided depending on advertisers to fund Blot. The large businesses that tend to buy advertising are risky patrons. They always impose a regime of censorship in their own interests which tend to clobber all that is against the grain. It’s aesthetically compromising. I’m sincerely motivated to provide a platform for the radical and avant-garde even if it means tolerating profanity.

And for what it’s worth, Blot’s source-code is dedicated to the public domain. You can host it on your own server if you like.

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