How to stop and start an EC2 instance

Somtimes an EC2 instance becomes unresponsive. The instance doesn’t respond to requests over HTTP, ssh connections or even system reboots. This is a problem since we can’t want to get the server responsive again when it’s down.

What’s the solution?

Instead of a system level reboot — I manually stop and then manually start the instance.

How to automate this?

Cloudwatch offers an action to reboot an instance when an alarm is going. However, it does not seem to offer a way to stop-then-start an instance when an alarm is going.

So, I ended up delivering a message to SNS when a cloudwatch alarm is going off. I then subscribe to this message queue from a lambda function which itself stops an instance, then starts it again.

CloudWatch (ec2 instance monitoring) -> SNS (simple notification service) -> Lambda (serverless function invocation)


  • Increase granularity of Cloudwatch checks but add ways to prevent an infinite loop
  • if the server responds 200 OK to the web request then exit the script
  • wait for the server to respond 200 OK before exiting lambda script?
  • don’t run the function more than once in paralell
  • wait for at least x minutes before re-running the function?

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