I set the price of Blot at whatever I would be comfortable paying myself. When I started Blot, it cost $1 a month. I’ve improved Blot since then and now Blot costs $4 a month. I feel that’s still a fair price since I provide web hosting and personal support.

I’m sure I could get away with charging more but I won’t. However, I’m interested in having Blot in the hands of more people, even if it means generating less revenue.

Why doesn’t Blot have pricing tiers?

In general, I feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of choice in the world. Some of this choice is good and warranted but I feel annoyed when I have to dig through a variety of offerings that have been clearly. I recognize this means I’m giving up revenue.

Also, I don’t like the look of those tables, with three or four choices, a feature list to compare against. Blot has one option, one price, one fewer decision to make.

Why not use a price ending in .99?

Why is the price $4 rather than $3.99 a month? I don’t like the look of prices that end in .99. It always struck me as a cheap trick. The number is messier too. Why use five glyphs if we can get away with two? I know it works, but I know that it’s working on me.

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