In the end, I decided the price Blot at whatever price I would feel comfortable paying for it personally. When I started Blot, that happened to be $1 a month. I felt embarrassed about charging even that, then. Now Blot costs $4 a month and I feel like that’s a fair price. I’m providing web hosting, after all. And personal support.

I’m sure I could get away with charging more but I won’t. I’m interested in having Blot in more hands, even if it means generating less revenue.

Why doesn’t Blot have pricing tiers?

I don’t like those tables, with three or four choices, a feature list to compare against. Blot has one option, one price. I want a world with less choice. I recognize that decision means I’m giving up revenue.

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Last updated 4 days ago. Established in the summer of 2013.