I have not spent any time marketing Blot to potential customers. I announced the launch of Blot to the public on a forum for programmers. The initial customers which I recieved from that forum post then spread the product by word-of-mouth. However, I do think that marketing is important. I plan to direct more of my efforts to marketing in future, once I am more satisfied with the quality of the service itself. For now at least, Blot’s growth by word-of-mouth is sufficient.


I do not plan to buy advertising for Blot. There are obviously relatively benign forms of advertising, like the bulletin board at your local grocer. However, I think the world would look better without advertising. Less ugly, quieter, calmer. So I choose not to purchase advertising.

Social Media

Blot does not have a presence on any of the social media services.

Discounts and promotions

I do not plan to offer any discounts on Blot. I know that it probably makes business sense for me to run sales and offer promotions. Offering a temporary discount seem unfair to my existing customers who have already paid full price. The price on the website is the lowest price it will ever be, and everybody who uses Blot pays it.

Trial accounts

I also do not give out accounts for free to anyone.

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