Customer service

When I began to take customers on for Blot, it was the first real time in my life that I’d dealt with customers. As a child, I had a paper round.

I must say that customer-facing jobs have a terrifying reputation. But my own experience of Blot is that almost without exception, every single support request, bug report, customer query, has been conducted with politness and good-grace.

Tracking customer requests

I use a text-file to track all of my

Incorporating customer feedback

Blot has a good number of enthusiastic customers willing to correspond with me about their ideas for the service.

Lazy habits

Here are a few habits that I have noticed I slip into out of laziness, and about which I must be vigilant to suppress:

  • Ask the customer to provide information that I could find myself I often find myself asking the customer information that I could look up (what’s the URL to your site? which blog post are you having that issue with?).
  • **

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