Public files

All the files in your blog’s folder are public and can be accessed by your readers. This is useful if you want to embed an image in a blog post or distribute files.

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For example, given the folder above, your readers can download if they visit /files/ on your blog. Blot also serves index files. Your readers will see index.html if they visit /files. Paths to files are case-insensitive.

Prevent a file becoming a blog post

Files and folders whose name starts with an underscore are ignored. Ignored files don’t become blog posts themselves but they can be embedded in other posts.

 Your blog

Embed an image in a post

An image in your blog’s folder becomes its own blog post by default. However, you can prevent a file becoming a blog post if you start its name starts with an un­der­score. Then you can use Markdown to embed the image in a text file:

Here’s how to embed an image in your folder. Note the image’s name starts with an underscore to prevent it becoming its own blog post:

![Image title](/path/to/the/_image.jpg)

Absolute paths are resolved with your blog’s folder as root. Relative paths are resolved from the location of this file. You can also embed an image that’s already on the internet:

![Image title](https://url.of/the/image.jpg)


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