A blog post’s publish date is the same as the file’s creation date by default. You can specify a different date in the file’s metadata or in its path. Blot will schedule a blog post for future publication if you specify a date in the future.

Using metadata

The publish date is one of the properties of a blog post you can modify in the metadata at the start of a file. Here’s an example blog post with a modified publish date:

Date: October 23rd, 2018

Blot supports a variety of date formats. The following all produce a blog post with the same date:

10/23/2018   October 23, 2018
10.23.2018     2018-10-23 00-00

Using the file’s path

You can modify a post’s publish date using the file’s name or path. For example, all four of these posts share the same publish date:

 2018 /    10 /    23 /    Post.txt
 2018 /    10 /    23-Post.txt
 2018 /    10-23-Post.txt

You can use underscores, dashes and dots to seperate the components of the date. Please note that a date specified in the file’s metadata takes precedence over one specified by its path.