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Configuring your site

All of your site’s initial configuration is done on Blot’s dashboard. Ideally you shouldn’t need to visit it that much.

Moving your existing site to Blot

I’ve written scripts to generate a folder of Markdown files from sites hosted on Tumblr, Wordpress, Jekyll and Squarespace. None of these scripts is connected to a web interface. If you contact me, I’d be very happy to run them on your site and send you the result.

Using your own domain

Let’s say you own the domain and would like to point it to your site. First, you must decide whether you would like to use the apex domain, which is just, or a subdomain like or

If you cannot create an ALIAS record for your apex domain, use the www subdomain and redirect the apex domain.


You can set up redirects for missing or moved pages on your blog. Your site’s 404 log will help you discover URLs which need redirects. You can use RegEx to match multiple routes. For example, this rule redirects URLs starting with /post to /blog:

\/post\/(.*)  →  /blog/$1