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Account and billing

Blot charges an annual fee. You’ll be billed when you first create a site, and in yearly increments after. You can host as many sites as you like from the same account, (and the same Dropbox folder).

Your payment information does not touch Blot’s servers. Blot uses Stripe to process subscription payments. You can read more about Stripe’s security on their website.

Does Blot support any alternatives to Dropbox?

Not at the moment. However, I plan to eventually add support Git, FTP, GitHub and Google Drive. Please contact me if there’s a service you’d like me to support.

Does Blot have a bandwidth or storage limit?

No, there’s no hard bandwidth or storage limit. However, if you use more than 1TB of bandwidth + storage combined per year, I will ask you to pay enough to meet the cost of hosting your site, or help you set up Blot on your own server.

Can Blot access all the files in my Dropbox?

No, not by default. Blot only has access to a single folder in your Dropbox. However, you can grant Blot full access to your folder. You should only do this if you want to move your site’s folder elsewhere, or share it with other people who use Dropbox.

Does Blot use up my Dropbox bandwidth?

No, Dropbox’s traffic limits do not apply to Blot. This is because Blot first transfers the contents of your folder to its server before delivering it to your readers.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes. I will email you one week before your subscription is renewed to give you time to cancel or update your billing information. I hate sneaky unwanted recurring bills as much as you do.

Canceling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription on the account page. You can choose to disable your account immediately, or wait until the end of your current subscription period. You can also permanently delete your account.