Permalink formats

Each post is blog assigned a permalink, or permanent URL. You can edit the format of these permalinks on the dashboard. If you change a permalink, its former URL redirects automatically.

Please note that a blog post's permalink cannot be identical to the path to its source file. This ensures that images and other files can be embedded properly inside other posts.

The permalink format includes some combination of the blog post’s properties. Here are a few popular formats:

Example URLCustom format


Below are all the properties of a blog post that you can use in your permalink format. You can include as many as you like.

{{name}}The file’s name, lowercased.
{{name-without-extension}}The file’s name, without the file extension.
{{path}}The file’s path, lowercased.
{{size}}The file’s size in bytes.
{{created}}The file’s creation date, as a unix timestamp.
{{updated}}The file’s modified date, as a unix datestamp.
{{slug}}A URL-friendly version of the post’s title.
{{slug-without-diacritics}}A URL-friendly version of the post’s title without diacritical marks.
{{metadata}}An object containing the metadata keys and values you specified at the start of the file.
{{page}}True if the file is a page, false otherwise.
{{menu}}True if the file is on your blog’s menu, false otherwise.

Your permalink format can incorporate components of the blog post’s publish date. You can use all the available date tokens. Here is limited selection of the most useful ones:

{{YYYY}}Year, e.g. 1970 ... 2030
{{M}}Month of the year, e.g. 1 2 ... 11 12
{{MM}}Month of the year with a leading zero
{{MMMM}}Month of the year, e.g. January ... December
{{D}}Day of the month, e.g. 1 2 ... 30 31
{{DD}}Day of the month with a leading zero
{{dddd}}Day of the week, e.g. Sunday ... Saturday
{{H}}Hour of the day, e.g. 0 1 ... 22 23
{{HH}}Hour of the day, e.g. 00 01 ... 22 23
{{h}}Hour of the day, e.g. 1 2 ... 11 12
{{hh}}Hour of the day, e.g. 01 02 ... 11 12
{{m}}Minute of the hour, e.g. 0 1 ... 58 59
{{mm}}Minute of the hour, e.g. 00 01 ... 58 59
{{a}}am or pm
{{X}}Unix timestamp
{{x}}Unix millisecond timestamp