Open source

Blot caters to a largely technical audience, and I’m asking that audience to invest a good deal of their time and some of their money in a piece of software. A large fraction of that audience is sceptical of closed-source, proprietary software. So it makes business sense for me to make Blot’s source code available freely under the most permissive license possible. I also quite like the spectacle of working in public. I suspect it’s reassuring to potential customers to see my frantic git commits on the news page, for them to know that Blot is very much alive.

Open source? Free software?

I like the ideals of the free software movement and I like Richard Stallman. However, I think the free part of Stallman’s term free software is confusing. After starting too many explanations with it’s not free as in beer… I’ve not to push against the current of popular usage. I’m also aware of the politics of the term open source’, so I decide to side-step both and simply say Blot’s source code is dedicated to the public domain.