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A survey of potential crises to Blot's business

Payment processing

We use Stripe to process almost every single payment. If Stripe closed Blot's account, or if Stripe itself closed, we would be without revenue immediately.



We use AWS to host the site. If AWS decides something runs afoul of their intricate terms of use, we would be in trouble. What would happen? Well Blot is easy to deploy on a linux server. I would probably move to another provider, say Linode. What would break? Sites with A records pointing to Amazon's IP address would no longer resolve. Sites with CNAME records pointing to our hostname (blot.im) would continue to work.

I don't make backups of the data on the system outside AWS. I should really do this, even if it's only weekly. AWS makes it fairly expensive to move the quanity of data Blot stores, which is one thing I resent about their service (it seems strategic to me).


Cultural issues

We have a policy which means that we allow anything legal on our platform. I suspect that one day, someone will post something that pisses of someone else who's prominent enough to trigger a pile on against our platform.


Service provider issues

We could get sued by a well-resourced customer, or someone who reads a customer's site.


Personnel issues

Blot's bus factor is still 1 – if I get hit by a bus the show stops. Since the source code is public, it would be possible for those who liked Blot to keep it going on a different server, but coordinating the switch might be tough.



Someone could come along and produce a superior product to Blot.


The Monastery of St. Catherine beneath Mount Sinai. Behind its fortress walls is the oldest continually operating library. Coloured lithograph by Louis Haghe after David Roberts, 1849. Source: Wellcome collection